PinProfit - Calling Cards Distribution Company


Would you like to start your own business, get an extra source of revenue and be in charge of your decisions? Your dream will come true with our new phone card advanced wholesale program which offers excellent and promising market potential. Just think about how many people worldwide need to phone their relatives and loved ones for an affordable price. Direct calls are costly, and phone cards is a great solution to stay in touch with families, friends and even business partners without going broke!

Participation in our wholesale program provides the following benefits to you as our business partner:

  • Phone cards to be used from USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, Japan and other Asian countries.
  • Specific features like web-call, SMS call or PC-TO-Phone can establish a connection from literally every corner of the world!
  • Our new wholesale program is versatile and can be adopted to any business idea you pursue.
  • Do you possess skills to create, manage and promote your own website?! You are a candidate to yield greater profits by replacing a traditional point of sale with an online shop! The calling card website will make your business accessible to a wider range of customers worldwide.

If you do not want to miss this opportunity, you need to start a wholesale master account. The account will make your business easily manageable and extremely flexible!

How to start a wholesale master account:

  • You will have to submit a wholesale application form
  • Wholesale master account requires a deposit of minimum $100. The deposit will be used for generating pin numbers. We do not limit the maximum amount of the deposit. Payments can be completed by a credit card, check or money order.
  • Your master account balance will constitute your deposit and the wholesale mark up. As soon as we receive a deposit, the master account is set up for you and you can access it at

The wholesale master account benefits you with PIN management tools and reports on your business’s activities:

  • Choose a product from a pool of various cards depending on your target market.
  • Generate pins of different denominations.
  • Manage your pins:
    • view pins within a certain range of dates
    • check the balance on each pin number
    • refill the existing pins
    • add and remove phone numbers for pinless dialing (allows to place a call from registered phone numbers without entering the pin number)
  • View detailed payments reports and summary of refills
  • Set up your own parameters like invoice numbers and lot numbers (for bulk purchases) to organize your reports in a more efficient way.