PinProfit - Calling Cards Distribution Company

Communication is crucial to any business success! Our high quality products can help you to establish a steady and long- lasting business relationship. Our phone cards will ensure a simple and cost- effective way to stay in touch with your employees, partners and customers. Whether you represent a huge corporation or a small business, you can take advantage of our corporate wholesale account.

A corporate wholesale account benefits your business and gives you an opportunity to:

  • monitor call records (certain calling cards only)
  • generate individual pins with various denominations due to the anticipated frequency and duration of phone calls
  • refill existing pins and manage refill history
  • set up pin less dialing (allows to place a call from registered phone numbers without entering the pin number)
  • check the balance of each pin at any time
  • view detailed payments reports and summary of refills

    How can I start a wholesale corporate account?

    • You need to submit a wholesale application form
    • wholesale corporate account requires a deposit of minimum $100. The deposit will be used for generating pin numbers. We do not limit the maximum amount of the deposit. Payments can be completed by a credit card, check or money order.
    • Your wholesale account balance will constitute your deposit and the wholesale mark up. As soon as we receive a deposit, the master account is set up for you and you can access it at