PinProfit - Calling Cards Distribution Company

If you can benefit from bulk orders of calling cards, our Wholesale Program is exactly for you. We offer you a way to profit from today's growing telecommunications business. All of our products are backed with competitive rates and connection quality. You can choose from a variety of up to date telecommunication solutions:

Bulk purchases allow you to yield higher profits with our wholesale mark up. You can start with a deposit as low as $100. However, the higher the deposit, the higher the mark up is.

For example, a deposit of $100 has a mark-up of 20 percent. 1 – 0.2 = 0.8. $100 divided by 0.8 = 125. Hence, you actually receive $125 in PINs.A deposit of $5,000 earns a 28 percent mark-up. 1 – 0.28 = 0.72. And $5,000 divided by 0.72 = $6,944.

Where you can distribute our products, depends on you and your imagination. Here are a few ideas how to profit from calling cards bulk purchases:

  • print cards and resell them in retail stores
  • open an online store and distribute virtual pin numbers
  • use our products as a promotional tool to build brand recognition and customer loyalty
  • print out calling cards as a complimentary gift to your customers
  • provide our telecommunication products to your employees to lower the costs on international and domestic calls

In either way, you have flexibility to customize our products and possess a full control of your payments by means of our wholesale master account.