PinProfit - Calling Cards Distribution Company

Do you need to increase your profit margin? You think you can profit from selling phone cards in your retail shop? Would you like to include a phone card as a complimentary gift for your customers? Then our high quality products will help you expand your business and increase your bottom line.

Our printing cards wholesale program allows you to order pin numbers in bulk. However, you do not need to prepay for all the pin numbers in advance. You can order as many as 10000 pin numbers at a minimum deposit, have the phone cards printed, and later on pay for the pin numbers upon activation.

How it works:

  • open a wholesale master account with a minimum deposit
  • generate pin numbers with 0$ value in your online wholesale master account
  • now you can print your phone cards. Having all the phone cards printed at once will lower your expenses
  • activate pin numbers upon your need by adding any dollar amount to the pin number. you do not have to activate all the pin numbers at once.

This particular program offers you the following advantages:

  • no obligations to keep the same name, design or denomination of the phone cards
  • partial payments are allowed upon activation of the pin numbers
  • phone cards include domestic and international origination from over 40 countries
  • multiple language voice prompts
  • free design of the phone card (orders over $5000)
  • integrated with voice prompts customized message on behalf of your business (orders over $5000)
  • retail Rate Management (possible only for minute based phone cards. Such phone cards announce the left over balance only in minutes. This feature will increase your profit margin significantly).