PinProfit - Calling Cards Distribution Company

In today's corporate world, branding is an effective marketing tool to create lasting impression, appreciation, and emotional identification. It promotes your products and services and ensures a positive effect on the bottom line. Is your company in need of building brand recognition and attracting more customers? Our promotional calling cards is a great cost effective solution for you.

The wholesale promotional program intends to help your business to

  • increase your brand visibility
  • boost your sales
  • expand your target audience
  • enhance customer’s loyalty
  • reward committed customers

Orders over $5000 benefit from bonus free features:

  • customized design of promotional phone cars
  • voice greeting message on behalf of your business. The message will be integrated with the prompt of the phone card

Do not miss this opportunity and join our promotional wholesale program

  • Register and start a wholesale master account with a deposit of minimum $100.
  • The balance on the account consists of your deposit and wholesale mark up.
  • Once we receive the deposit, you can generate pin numbers of any face value in your individual online account.
  • The amount you put on the PINs reduces your Master Account balance.
  • The wholesale master account offers to view detailed payments reports

The calling cards can be customized to your needs in the wholesale master account:

  • Choose a product from a pool of various cards depending on your target audience.
  • Generate pins of different denominations.
  • Manage your pins:
    • view pins within a certain range of dates
    • check the balance on each pin number
    • refill the existing pins